PRO-D (Professional Development)

Provide the essential enthusiasm and leadership to generate ideas to how every meeting (except social affairs) can be made helpful to the members in the conduct of their purchasing activities. In cooperation with the chairperson of the Program Committee, determine how the objectives of the Association will be carried out. Proceed to carry out its part of the annual program involving regular meetings of the associations, special meetings of the entire Association for education purposes, courses, panel discussions, or meetings of any kind for selected groups having similar interests. Carry out such specific assignments as may be made either by the National Pro-D Chairman, the President, or the Board of Directors of the local Association. Maintain official set of manuals and other publications of the National Committee on Pro-D, to be passed on to the successor. Chairperson will be a member of Program and Commodity Committees. Arrange for workshops and seminars. Plan and implement all workshops and seminars. Establish and carry out all criteria for scholarship and implement the same with Scholarship Committee.


Plan and implement programs of activities which will carry out the objective of the Association. Establish a calendar of activities for the year including all of the general meetings, all courses, panel discussions, or meetings of any kind for selected groups having similar interests and all social meetings or functions. Prepare information and submit complete details to the Secretary 30 days in advance of the meeting.


This committee has the responsibility of keeping before the public the achievements and progress of the Association and of its members. It will, therefore, be responsible for development, maintaining and directing Public Relations programs at the local level that will enhance the profession of his or her community. Develop a Public Relations Committee of active, interested members including, at least, one person who can progress to replace the chairperson. Work very closely with the Association officers and committee chair people in keeping the Public Relations viewpoint before them at all times. Work very closely with area newspapers and know the individuals who handle the type of information he or she wishes publicized. Provide information and photographs for publication in our Newsletter and local newspapers. Take all pictures at PMA functions and have control of the camera.


Have one or more committee members on hand at each meeting to greet members and to see that newer members are introduced to other members. Keep badges current and file the badges handed in after the meeting. Distribute guest tickets at the door.


The Scholarship Committee will be appointed by the President and will consist of at least three members. Not more than one member of this Committee will be a member of the Board of Directors. Pro-D oversees this Committee.

The Committee is responsible to:

  1. Recommend to the Board of Directors, prior to the start of each fiscal year, the number of scholarships to be awarded during the ensuing year.

  2. Supervise the Scholarship Award selection process.

  3. Select and recommend the Scholarship winners.

  4. Notify the successful candidates.

  5. Revise and update the qualification and selection process as needed.


A committee appointed by the President to instill in members a knowledge of the materials management function and the procurement process. Total logistics, from issue of material, requisition, purchase order, receipt, and storage is the responsibility of the materials manager, and sometimes, buyers. Also, a knowledge of forecasting, warehousing, transportation, distribution, storage and inventory control of material is required. This committee will assist the program committee to educate and provide breath and enlarged scope of knowledge to the membership on the total logistics/procurement process.


Provide welcoming assistance to new members. Track important events concerning members such as promotions, changes of employer, presentations and awards, retirements and deaths. Provide timely notification of such events to the Board of Directors and publicity media as appropriate. Provide for recognition of members’ achievements as needed.


The prime responsibility of this committee is the fostering of a continuing healthy growth of the Association and the careful review of the eligibility of prospective and current members. This committee should be sufficiently large to adequately cover the area served by the local association. It is probably advisable to select committee people from various geographical areas where they are well acquainted with members or potential members of neighboring companies. Invite prospective members to regular monthly meetings. Follow up and secure applications of prospective members. Review applications for membership, to insure that membership requirements are met and submit a resume of the applicant and his or her company to the Board of Directors. Attempt to secure replacement membership if a resignation is due to a change in members’ position.


The Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President not later than 30 days after the Annual Meeting and will consist of at least three members. Not more than one member of this Committee will be a member of the Board of Directors.

The Committee is responsible to:

  1. Provide to the Secretary, by the regular meeting preceding the Annual Meeting, names of consenting nominees for the various offices, and Directors for the ensuing year.

  2. Recommend nominees from the Association for the National, District, and Local purchasing recognition awards.


Select plants for a visitation and complete such arrangements as may be required for smooth and effective completion of this tour.


Coordinate trade show with the trade show promoter. Negotiate contracts with a promoter. Promote Association members, local dignitaries, etc. to attend and support trade show. Make trade show booth assignments for members. Create attractive and effective Association booth. Advise P.R. of all details for publication in news media.


Develop questionnaires on current and projected business conditions.

Receive quarterly questionnaires completed by members.

Tabulate results of questions, interpret results, provide written summary of results and forward to Newsletter Editor and other media for publication.


Monitor a certification program of ISM. Provide information and assistance to membership and profession regarding:

A) requirements for certification

B) testing for certification

C) Study Guide and other materials for study

D) review course offering for exam preparation


Coordinate and negotiate process for the Clambake held in July. Work closely with the Secretary for printing and mailing tickets. Select ticket chair people. Follow up with ticket chair people in advance of Clambake for feel of ticket sales. Establish checking account for Clambake income and expenses. Resolve payment to clambake operator. Make a final report to Board of Directors and Treasurer as soon as practicable. Keep P.R. Committee advised so they can prepare proper advertising.


Select commodities for inclusion of general interest to the membership. Assign individuals to comment from personal experience or survey of others on trends in each commodity on a quarterly basis. Prepare quarterly report summarizing commodity trends as reported for inclusion in the Newsletter and other appropriate media.


To gather information on International Trade for dissemination to members, including speakers, workshops and/or seminars.


The ISM - Greater Syracuse, Inc. has sixteen standing Committees. Each Committee has a Chairperson responsible for working with the members of that committee to develop and implement a strategic plan that is aligned with the affiliate’s mission and goals. Committee chairs are responsible for reporting their progress against plans at the monthly Board of Director’s meeting.

Active Committees
Certification Nominations
Clambake Professional Development
Dues Public Relations
Membership Reception

Inactive Committees
(Looking for Leaders to Administer)
Business Forum Materials Management
Business Survey Programs
Marketing Member Relation