To provide four (4) $500.00 scholarships for financial assistance toward the pursuit of a college education.

To promote the study, development, and application of Supply Chain Management, or other educational fields.


The applicant must be:

  1. A member, or a child, stepchild, or grandchild of a regular (full) and/or associate member in good standing with ISM-Greater Syracuse, Inc.

  2. Pursuing education in an accredited higher educational institution at undergraduate level in a matriculated program. Members only can be pursuing their graduate degree.

  3. At least a senior in high school.

  4. Notify ISM-Greater Syracuse Inc. Scholarship Committee, in writing by April 5, 2017, they are requesting to be considered a candidate for the scholarships.

  5. ISM-Greater Syracuse, Inc. Scholarship Request Form must be submitted by the deadline.

  6. Intend to use the scholarship within one (1) year of its award.

  7. Awarded to an individual only once; however, eligibility remains as long as the applicant meets the qualifications.


  1. The scholarship recipients will be chosen by a lottery drawing from the accepted and qualified applicants, under the direction of the Scholarship Committee.

  2. The successful candidates will be notified by mail of their selection.


The scholarship recipients will be presented with their scholarship awards at the general membership meeting held in May.


Gerald O'Donnell through NAPM Greater Syracuse, Inc. office at 315-457-7121