About Us


The Institute of Supply Management - Greater Syracuse Inc. exists to educate, develop, and advance the purchasing and supply management profession.

Affiliate Vision Statement

The Instutute of Supply Management - Greater Syracuse Inc. provides the opportunity to improve its members professional development by:

  • Offering Seminars, Workshops, and Certification Training.

  • Providing Networking Forums With Other Purchasing and Supply Management Professionals.

  • Offering Opportunities for Volunteers to Achieve Personal Development and Leadership Skills.

A Little History . . .

  • 1918 43 members launch the initial formation as the Purchasing Agents Association - Syracuse & Central New York. The organization IMMEDIATELY became affiliated with the National Association

  • 1924 National Association attempts to standardize invoices, P.O.'s, inquiry forms. This initiative was never universally adopted.

  • 1927 National Convention held in Grand Rapids - hotel rooms were $5.50 per night!

  • 1935 Syracuse affiliate holds first Industrial Product Exhibit at the Hotel Syracuse -- by 1938 over 10,000 attend.

  • 1941 Syracuse association president presented a program on Purchasing to Syracuse University students - a first for the nation!

  • 1942 Industrial Product Exhibit is suspended for the duration of WWII

  • 1944 National Association cancels non-essential conventions. Initiates schools of instruction.

  • 1948 Monthly Education Meetings initiated from September to June. Subjects covered all aspects of purchasing, materials management, and related fields.

  • 1952 Annual clambake tops 600 attendees

  • 1958 First Business Survey of CNY published in January

  • 1965 International Federation of Purchasing is formed. Vic Pooler of Syracuse makes presentations throughout Europe.

  • 1968 Pre-dinner forums are started

  • 1968 Syracuse Affiliate celebrates with a 50th Anniversary Gala

  • 1978 Arlene Armstrong is elected first women Director in Syracuse

  • 1980 Frank J. Quinn Award is established for the Syracuse Affiliate

  • 1986 Joni F. Young becomes first woman President of the Syracuse Association

  • 1991 Syracuse affiliate officially changes to NAPM-Greater Syracuse, Inc.

  • 1992 Clambake attendance tops 1900!

  • 2000 NAPM - Greater Syracuse enters the next millennium with over 200 members.

  • 2015 Syracuse affiliate officially changed to ISM Greater Syracuse Inc.